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SB Gel

Our Approach

SB Gel is a proprietary sustained release carrier based on a temperature-responsive copolymer. It combines three properties not available in any other biomaterial:

  • Liquid properties. SB Gel is applied as a liquid and thickens in the body, coating surfaces or filling any space.

  • Sustained release. SB Gel is compatible with virtually any drug, providing controllable release over a timeframe of hours to weeks.

  • Safe, complete degradation. SB Gel is water-based and biocompatible, with controllable degradation in as little as one week.

We believe that SB Gel offers exciting potential for sustained release in a number of new sites in the body, including joints, device surfaces, and healing tissues.

Traditional drug development is risky and extremely expensive. Forbes recently reported that the average R&D expenditure by pharmaceutical companies grew to over $5 billion per approved drug. About 95% of experimental drugs fail to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness required to earn approval.

We use SB Gel as a carrier to deliver existing drugs, creating improved sustained release formulations. This approach has the following advantages:

  • Opportunity to address many significant needs. The effectiveness of existing drugs can be harnessed to provide improved products addressing a number of needs, including infection, wound healing, pain, and some cancers.

  • Accelerated early-stage development. Because we work with drugs with significant clinical evidence, no drug discovery is required. We only select active ingredients from the small percentage of drugs that have earned approval for other indications.

  • Reduced development cost. Formulations using SB Gel are chosen to utilize a streamlined development pathway which relies upon published information on the active ingredient.

  • Exclusivity. SB Gel is a proprietary carrier with patents pending in relevant markets. We aim to target indications where SB Gel offers a significant advantage, both over existing competition and potential competing products in development.


Sonoran Biosciences is interested in partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are developing new therapeutics or biologics. SB Gel utilizes a proprietary temperature-responsive polymer to thicken rapidly in vivo while conforming to the site of administration. SB Gel provides sustained, partition-controlled release of small molecules and proteins, and it can be loaded by simple physical mixing. Its composition can be tuned to adjust release and degradation as desired.  Unlike other in situ forming hydrogels, SB Gel does not swell after use.

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